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9 Mistakes New Teachers Make

New teachers face many obstacles during their first year on the job. Middle school teacher Cristie Watson draws attention to some major errors to avoid. (August 4, 2015)

Is PD Behind Teacher Improvement? Maybe Not

It's costly, diffuse, and often poorly implemented: Professional development has long been a source of both teacher and administrator frustration. And a new study suggests it's also not often useful. (August 4, 2015)

Students Report Weak Support for College Prep

A new poll shows that few students have adequate counseling and other supports to help them shape college and career goals. (July 31, 2015)

What to Consider When Creating Classroom Rules

(August 3, 2015)

Learning by Doing ... and Grappling

(July 31, 2015)


The bill makes clear that educators' professional learning must be collaborative, job-embedded, sustained, classroom-focused, and data-driven. (07/23 01:14 pm)

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Teaching Channel Spotlight

Real-World Problem Solving in Designing an iPad Case

Real-World Problem Solving in Designing an iPad Case

Steven Carpenter has his students experience the world of an engineer by giving them a real-world design problem: develop a new iPad case that meets the needs of teachers.Watch the video.


Classroom Management Q&As: Expert Strategies for Teaching

Education Week Teacher blogger Larry Ferlazzo investigates some of the thorniest problems in teaching by turning to leading educators and thought leaders for advice. (October 3, 2013)

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