Studies Offer Insights on Implementing Common Core

At a national education research meeting this month, scholars shared lessons learned so far from standards implementation in some states and districts.
(April 18, 2014)

Race to the Top: A Road Map

Follow the twists and turns of the Race to the Top program. See which states and districts have gotten money so far and what they are supposed to be doing with it. (April 18, 2014)

At Long Last, Illinois Approved for No Child Left Behind Waiver

(April 18, 2014)

In Juvenile-Justice System, Education Seen Lacking

(April 17, 2014)

State Lawmakers Ramp Up Attention to Data Privacy

(April 15, 2014)

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  • Greta Smith reads to her special education class at Buhler Grade School in Buhler, Kan. Ms. Smith works with a range of technologies available to her students. The school is field-testing assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards and designed for students with severe cognitive disabilities.—Steve Hebert for Education Week
  • Special education teacher Greta Smith works with a student during class at Buhler Grade School in Buhler, Kan. Students at the school are among those field-testing assessments aligned with the Common Core State Standards and designed for those with cognitive disabilities.—Steve Hebert for Education Week
  • Greta Smith reads to her special education class at Buhler Grade School in Buhler, Kan.—Steve Hebert for Education Week

Tests Balance Common Core, Those With Cognitive Issues

Specialized tests aligned to the Common Core State Standards are being field-tested for students with severe cognitive disabilities. (April 17, 2014)

Five Critical Conditions That Encourage School Improvement

(April 18, 2014)

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Gifted Ed. Is Crucial, But the Label Isn't

Giving students the educational challenges they are "ready and hungry" for is important, regardless of whether they have been designated as "gifted," five experts in the field write. (April 16, 2014)

For Science Standards, Begin at the Beginning

New science standards should roll out over time, not launch in all grades at once, Kim Kastens and Abigail Jurist Levy write. (April 14, 2014)

Why Teacher-Policymaker Partnerships Help Students

There's a powerful pragmatic argument for involving teachers as partners in making policy—not just implementing it, speaking in favor of it, or "giving input," writes Justin Minkel. (April 14, 2014)

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Life Inside the Projects

A single mother of four describes what it's like to raise a family in Potomac Gardens, a massive 1960s-era public housing project in Washington.

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Digital Directions

K12 Inc. Building a New Identity for Part of the Company

The virtual education provider says the move is intended to regroup similar resources under a single banner, and not to distance some of its services from a spate of critical news. (April 1, 2014)

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'You Mean I'm Not Done Yet?': Using Portfolios to Improve Editing Skills

High school language arts teacher Marie Levey-Pabst explains how she got her students to revise their own writing and make their grades more meaningful. (April 7, 2014)

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New York Seeks an Alternative to inBloom

After severing its ties with the controversial data-management company, the state must determine how it will store and organize student information. (April 15, 2014)

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